Saturday, March 28, 2009


Family reunion dinners. Now I know it's not Chinese New Year yet but who says reunion dinners have to be practiced only during CNY? Who??!? Lol =.=

Reunion dinner did not mean this much when I was younger. Maybe it's because I used to presume that everything would stay as perfect as it was then. Sadly enough, things didnt evolve the way I thought it would be. So much have changed. Good and bad. Happy and sad.

This is exactly why I'm starting to appreciate every reunion there is to be. And guess what, I was blessed enough to partake in the recent family reunion dinner! This is somehow kinda rare to me now due to my whole being away from Ipoh agenda. I cant even recall my last reunion dinner aside from the CNY one. See how pathetic it is?

Great, I'm babbling again. Anyhow, here are the awesome pictures I took~ =D

I find the main dishes rather interesting.
It's suppose to represent the 4 seasons. Go figure.
I know this is winter. The manager told us so.
Best dish of the night! Tasted like 'char siu' though lmao
Just cant stop laughing at dad's expression LOL
Grandma & Grandpa (Mom Side)
Aunt & Grandma
Look at these two lovey dovey. Geli~ lmao
Me and my eldest cousin
Cousins & muh sister

Overall the dinner was splendid I'd say. Though my sis and a few cousins couldnt make it. Dear sis, in case you were wondering, the food were awesome. Ha Ha =P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


28 MARCH 2009 -- 8.30pm to 9.30pm
It's amazing how a simple switch could change the world.

And in case you havent noticed, I've added this cute lil widget at the top right corner of my blog to show my support.

Do your part. Show that we Malaysians care.

p/s: If you are afraid of the dark and happens to be an awesomely hot chick, then you are more than welcomed to go look for my friend YingTuan for company. PM me for his address. =)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Stil remember the day
Edward informed me and Mild Lee (formerly Barlee - quit changing your name!) that we would be sharing a house with his course mates whom me and Mild Lee barely know then. We agreed to it despite being all blur and lost at that moment. Lol.

"One year only mah, move out next year lor if not comfortable." I convinced Mild Lee. I've been hearing alot of stories about how housemates are fighting and punching each other in the face then. Thus never in my living days have I thought we could patch and be such great friends living together. No let me rephrase that, brothers and sisters is what I should refer them to. Cause that's what we are to each other 3 years later. =)

Here I present to you, the 6 awesome people I've been living with for the past 3 years.

And 3 other aliens who joined in the fun.

All of our happy times, hope you guys still remember.

The Family Trips

The Birthday Celebrations

The Random Outings

Who can forget the 'mahjong marathon' we had.
Something we do when we're 'too full' to do anything else lol.
And of course, our latest addiction...

So much have changed within these few years. Our appearance, marital status, the crap we talk about and most important of all, the friendship between each and every one of us.
Growing stronger than ever that is =D

And no doubt it's a great lost to me that we have to go our separate ways in 7 weeks time. All the laughter and giggles we had. All the scolding and the yelling. Still so very fresh in my mind. That's because I can still hear you guys from upstairs at this very moment! Lol..wait up. I'll be right down to join y'all in a bit xD

I really hope this will not be the end of our brotherhood. Though we will not see other as often - more like the moment we open our eyes til we close them lol, I hope we would still keep in touch every now and then and have family trips like we've had for the past 2 years =)

Oh and one last thing.....

-50-B RAW
KZZZ!!! =D