Monday, October 5, 2009

I realized I've been kinda slacking lately. Only 3 blog entries for the month of September does sound kinda depressing.

But the thing is I've sort of lost the passion to blog recently. And I dont wanna take blogging as a must do kinda thing. You know, happiness doesnt come with force. Okay that dint sound relevant but never mind that, let's just look at a quick review on what I have yet to do so far.

Not complete internship report
Not come up with a good FYP proposal
Not plan ex-housemates' gathering trip
Not live a healthy life

Gahh, the freakin' holiday's making me lazier by day =\

Oh I just found out that I can actually take pics with my laptop~!
Yes I'm that outdated.

Which side of me would you prefer? xD