Thursday, November 27, 2008


Richard showed me the funniest clip I've seen so far on YouTube last night. He said this fella is getting sued and making headlines in the newspaper. No doubt bout' that. He totally nailed it~! xD

Warning : Some might find this offensive. You have been warned. =)

Check out YouTube if you somehow find this intriguing and dying to see part 2.

Back to business. Yt is hating me cause I'm bloggin now leaving him alone blogless. xD
And liping keeps bugging me bout how dumb my life is. Face it lip! You're just jealous! =P
Anyway, if everything goes as planned, I'll be leaving for Ipoh tomorrow! :D
Hang in there my charming fwenz! Get all the sleep you want now cause there aint gonna be sleeping breaks when I hit Ipoh! Mwhahahha..

But the depressing part bout' this trip is knowing that sinyee aka birdy will not be in Ipoh during my visit back this time. Go Korea wor!!! I hate u bird!
Oh and one message for you, BRING ME BACK LOTS OF SOUVENIERS! Hee~
The good news is that most of my Ipoh mates are back in action~ except for siewloong, suen and the worries dudes, im'ma plan another trip back in the near future. It will certainly be a blast! ^^ much to do and so much to plan.
Dont care, sleep 1st =P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Aho! I miraculously managed to wake up slightly earlier than my usual waking time today..11am~!
AhHhHhh..Nothing like the morning breeze~ XD

It's Wed today - which means that it's rotting day! Me and gang are planning to go hit the cinemas later. Sounds like a hell of fun..considering I've got nothing better to do at home except tido-ing. Damn I need a life. Here's the list of movies that we might watch.

And I've decided to list down the songs that I'm into from time to time. It makes me happy.
They say it's what you listen to that makes you who you are. Okay I totally made that up. Here they are anyway...

Song TitleArtist
Right Now (Na Na Na)Akon
In The AyerFlo-Rida Ft. Will.I.Am and Fergie
Touch My HandDavid Archuleta
Paper Planes [Remix]MIA feat. Lil Wayne
BreakevenThe Script
Love StoryTaylor Swift
Check Yes JulietWe The Kings
Moving MountainsUsher
I Wanna Love You (Akon Cover)The Maine
CircusBritney Spears
說好的幸福呢Jay 周杰伦
不,完美Nick 李玖哲
圍牆Nick 李玖哲
小酒窩JJ 林俊傑 featuring 蔡卓妍
My Song And...Younha a.k.a 윤하
MungkinAnuar Zain
Jatuh Cinta LagiMatta Band


Monday, November 24, 2008


Alright, since everyone is blogging - which include my friend's 9 year old cousin, I've decided to put aside my sanity and all that I've said against blogging and got myself a blog! Woohoo! xD

Okay I've not a clue of what I should write here but what the heck, I've like all the time I want since this semester is like a honeymoon for me - 6 hours of lectures per week. Beat that! lol.. oh and as if 6 hours of lectures' too much, I freakin overslept and missed 2 hours of lecture today =.=
I wonder if my alarm's not working or I got too carried away dreaming...nah, I bet it's my stupid alarm's fault! Hee~ And I think I had insomnia last night. My head was filled with dunno what shit and I think I finally dozed off at 4am. =\

Oh great, I totally crap my 1st blog post with my dumb life lol...but who cares, I'm having fun! =P

Hehe, I finally found a place to totally rant my arse out~! =D

Anyway, I think I'm all out.

Til my next post, which I have no idea when lol, later peeps! *wink*