Sunday, November 22, 2009


After being on hiatus for quite some time (49 days to be exact), leftequalsright.blogspot is finally back to bring its avid readers (if there's any).................MORE lame updates on LipChung's life. Yay.

Okay if you must know, me is now busy with me final year project and an upcoming midterm exam. The past weeks have been truly hectic - which is a good thing. Now I dont even have time for my ant watching sessions. Isn't that just great?

Nonetheless, despite having to be a nerd, I do spare time for my beloved friends. It was Khailing and Shirlin's bee-day few days back so we decided to celebrate in this place called 'Seoul Garden'. It's a Korean-styled BBQ buffet restaurant located in Puchong's IOI Mall in case you were wondering.

The place was rather delightful and the best thing is that they're currently having this promotion thing going on so it's super affordable. All you need to do is present your student card or somehow convince them that you have one and it will only cost you rm16++ per net @.@

And guess what, they serve ICE KACANG! As in you get to choose the toppings and all, DIY style! The only thing I could think of which is better than this is having someone feed me the ice kacang. Hee~

Weijie + Karen
Housemate + mua + blockmate xD
My sifu & me
Shirlin a.k.a Burpday Girl #1
Khailing a.k.a Burpday Girl #2
Group picture~
JuinHao's pose
Khailing's pose
And lastly, my favourite. Liping's world renowned pose.
Got too hyped up after dinner and thus the following pictures.

Ang's MJ pose
Yours truly

Went for the movies after an hour of intense discussion - don't get me started on that lol. So we ended up watching this.

Again, I would rather watch a cow pee than this.
Well the 3D version 'might' be better. Fingers crossed.

Til the next entry, too0odle.

p/s: Sera, I've kept up my end of the bargain, you?